Lake Tahoe Travel Vlog

Apr 19th 2021

After Beatty, NV, we headed toward South Lake Tahoe. We had never been to this area and had set the bar pretty high in our minds of what this area would be like. It did not disappoint!


Before we got out to do much exploring, we had one *tiny* RV issue we had to deal with. When Nick took Stella out for a walk on Tuesday morning, he noticed water leaking from under the rig. He came in and started checking around and found water pooling under the bathroom sink. Ugh. After some troubleshooting, he realizes this is a bigger project than he can take on - time-wise and tool-wise. So begins the search for a mobile RV tech. A few calls and a few "I don't know when I can get to you's" later, we get ahold of Eric from Great Basin Mobile Repair. Nick called him at 9am - Eric's 10am had just canceled and he said, "I'm on my way!". He establishes the problem is the shotty plumbing supplies that RV manufacturers use. Nothing fits right. Connections are loose. But it keeps things fast and cheap for the manufacturer so that's what they use. SEVEN hours later, our leak is fixed and all of the crappy hosing in the rig has been replaced with PEX piping. Whew! This was NOT how we envisioned our day going but we sure are glad we found Eric that day!


So, with our plumbing issues behind us, we got ready for an excursion. We don't usually spend money on adventures but we decided to shake things up a little bit. Lake Tahoe is so amazing so we knew we needed to get out on the water. We found a local kayak company with transparent kayaks! Perfect! So Wednesday morning, we headed out to meet up with Clearly Tahoe. *Quick backstory... I am terrified of water! I was raised in FL - never more than 15 minutes from a beach. I know how to swim. I understand water safety. I just don't do well in water. The last time we went kayaking was at Price Lake in Boone, NC and I FROZE as soon as we pushed away from the dock! Borderline panic attack. Luckily, Nick was able to bring me back to reality and we had a really nice trip around the lake. This was so different. Zero fear or hesitation. The water is clear (which I've learned is what makes all the difference for me! I have to be able to see what's in the water with me, ya know?!) The lake is gorgeous. The tour was informative. The mountain views are perfection. If you have the opportunity to get out on Lake Tahoe, do it!


The next day, we set out early to go check out some coves! We hiked down to Chimney Beach then along the shoreline trails to Secret Cove. Y'all! We could have stayed out here all day just hiking from cove to cove. The overlooks. The rocks along the beaches. The blue-green waters. This place is magical and deserves all the heart eyes!


We didn't get to do as much exploring as we would have liked to but we will be back! I'm pretty sure Lake Tahoe has pushed itself up into one of our top 3 favorite places!

Next... we're heading to Bonneville Salt Flats!


Brandi Haskins

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