Is our class c lift kit and 32” tires the ultimate overlander rv? Maybe...

Mar 29th 2021

The ultimate RV upgrade is finally done! This has been in the works for the better part of the last six months. After backorders and delays due to COVID-19, and after 5 months of waiting, we finally got word that all of the parts for lifting our class c RV had arrived.


We originally planned to have our favorite RV shop One Stop Custom Shop do the work, but when Weldtec Designs offered to install it, we jumped at the opportunity! After all, they fabricated some of the parts and are selling the kit so it only made sense to have the work done there in case something was missing or needed to be modified.

This did have a catch though; we had to drive down to San Diego, CA! It was pretty exciting, but also a little stressful because we were without our home for a couple of days while it was being worked on.

We stayed at the The Dana in Mission Bay. It was O.K. The food was pretty bland but the property was pretty. The kids were super excited and we created lots of fun memories there after visiting the USS Midway Museum! And of course no trip to the coast is complete without actually seeing the coast. Parker was amazed!


By Wednesday it was time to pick up our rig.

After having driven it across multiple boondocking locations in some highly questionable locations, I have to say I'm pretty impressed. The stability is like night and day. It's more stable now than it was before! There's no teeter-tottering when you drive off of one road to go onto another one. You can go faster than the "recommended speed" signs. It used to lean badly before, but now it just "squats" on the ground. 


Only, we're at least 6-8" taller than we were before! Clearance is no longer an issue. It's funny because I have to keep in mind that I'm driving a 35' motorhome, and the stuff up top isn't necessarily meant to be subjected to the forces that are thrown at it when we travel the way we want to.


At any rate, it was totally worth it!

Why did we invest so much money into this upgrade? Two reasons actually; accessibility, and future proofing. In a lot of locations, we would scrape parts of the underside of the rig when going into gas stations, or other places like Walmarts.

Even entering WeldTec Designs we barely made it by an inch!

In addition, we tend to boondock nearly exclusively. The places we like to go, you probably shouldn't take a motorhome regularly. For us it's peace of mind to be able to confidently get in, and out of most any place that we choose.

Here's the specs:

  • 6" lift
  • Custom leaf springs from Atlas spec'd to weight of rig
  • King Shocks Front and Rear
  • King Shocks Steering Stabilizer 
  • Skyjacker Coils
  • 32" Falken Wildpeak AT3W (x7)
  • Extended Radius Arms & Brackets

Be sure to check out this weeks episode! We got some really good footage of our rig in type conditions.


Nick Haskins

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